Udstilling i Nørrebrohallens foyer juli & august 2018


Do you know, who you share your world with? Are you aware of the inspiring uniqueness that exists in the strangers surrounding you? Have you ever really looked your world in the eyes?

This exhibition is about global awareness, human contrast, and personal reflection. It’s a reminder to be curious about the world we live in, and particularly the people we live here with. To explore our global society with all the interesting souls and stories we meet on our way. To not just superficially cruise foreign cultures, but take time to stop and interact with some of the people representing them. To show interest. To engage. To see the value in looking people in the eyes - and not just through a screen.

Day by day, the world is becoming increasingly digitalized. In my perspective, now more than ever we need to prioritize taking a break from digital media once in a while, and go look for these human encounters with strangers that are different from us. Strangers that challenges us with new perspectives, reflections, and uncomfortzones, which in the end makes us more present in the world we live in. Differences shouldn’t be scary. They should be encouraging. But it takes an open mind to see it. 

These 8 photos are some of the human encounters I’ve had across the world, that has made a great impact on me. Take a look at the short stories under each photo, but also let yourself explore which stories the photos are creating in your own head. I hope you feel inspired. Have a lovely day!

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