Kultur N in English

Kultur N consists of 7 locations offering different types of sport and culture. On this site you can read more about the individual locations and the types of events they offer. 

Støberiet provides a cosy space, especially for the youth at Nørrebro. The location is often used for different kinds of local arrangements such as cultural events and community involvements.
Støberiet is located above the library at Blågårds Plads 5 at 2nd and 3rd floor. 

Osramhuset is an open and active house of culture. The primary visitors are children and families, and also schools and daycares. Volunteerism and partnerships with various associations, organizations, private and professional players are our main focus. Osramhuset is located at Valhalsgade 4.

Kapelvej 44
Kapelvej 44 is your local underground culture house and is a part of Støberiet. Traditionally local music makers use the place and it has a rehearsal container which is possible to book. It is also possible to rent the location for private events. The house is located at Kapelvej 44. 

Korsgadehallen features modern sports facilities like a handball/football court, a dance hall and a martial arts area. It is surrounded by a balcony where among other things the soup kitchen takes place twice a week.
Korsgadehallen is primarily a sports hall, but is also being used for weddings, Eid, Kurdish New Year, public meetings and as a polling station. Korsgadehallen is located at Korsgade 29.

Nørrebrohallen is a place full of opportunities for physical and social development – either by yourself or with an association. You can do everything from football, handball and basketball to tennis, climbing and squash. Multihallen (The Multi Hall) is the place for events, flea markets, concerts and conferences. Nørrebrohallen is located at Nørrebrogade 208.

Blågårdens Bibliotek
Blågårdens library is a library especially for the youth and those who love graphic novels, board games and poetry. It is also possible to borrow various types of LPs, DVD’s, X-box- and PS games. Blågårdens Library is located at Blågårds Plads 5.

Nørrebro Bibliotek
Nørrebro Library is much more than a classical library where you can borrow literature for children and adults in different kind of languages , cd’s, dvd’s and journals. We also offer a various type free of courses, like study groups and different kinds of language-clubs. Nørrebro Library is located at Bragesgade 8B.


Become a volunteer

Will you like to spend some of your time as a volunteer, get a lot of experiences and expand your network? So take a look at our different offers and see if there is something that matches your interests and skills.
Do you have a good idea but need help getting started, The Culture Creators can help you. They are a group that gives you the necessary tools needed to develop a culture in your area. They give you FREE guide in concept development, project planning, fundraising, permits, PR and allow you to borrow equipment.

Room booking

Do you need a room for meetings, conferences, workshops, concerts or private parties? Kultur N has a wide selection of rooms available for rent.
All rental premises are flexible and can easily be adapted for many different purposes by different arrangements. 

It is also possible to rent tables, chairs, stage and technical equipment. Book our facilities here.  


Everything from the salsa and reggaeton, twerk to modern ballet and musical dance at Nørrebro.
Are you thinking about playing floorball? So play with FFK Copenhagen in Korsgadehallen at Nørrebro.
Experiments with salads and freshwater fish in an akvaponisk system
The boxing club SIK Fight have teams for children and adults.
CPH Music Maker Space allows you to combine music, sound and technology and developing new musical instruments.
Pilates for beginners and advanced every Monday.
Watch amazing films for (young) adults every month at Blågårdens Library.
Each month every third Monday at 3 p.m. till 5 p.m.
Become a volunteer in 2200Girls Event Team