Vuvuzela Dance Community

Dance Hall at Støberiet and Kapelvej 44

Vuvuzela Dance Community is an association whose members are passionate about dancehall dance and various interpretations of this. Our goal as a society is to focus on and thus develop dancehall dance in Denmark. In addition to teaching in different parts of the country (primarily in Copenhagen) organizes Vuvuzela Dance Community workshops with major international dancehall dancers and other activities.

Behind Vuvuzela Dance Community was originally Nichole Ulvedal and Amalie Zaar. They both have several years of dance experience and many years of dedicated dancehall nerd stuff in your luggage - some of the time abroad. They founded Vuvuzela Dance Community together with like-minded as they over time has taken on dance floors, in order to share their dance and knowledge with the rest of Denmark.

We are committed to creating an environment where positive energy and love to dance, to ourselves and to each other given priority.

What: Dancehall
Whom: Young people and adults
When: Tuesdays at 7 to 8 p.m. (intermediate / experienced), 8 pm till 9 pm (basic / intermediate), 9 p.m. till 10 p.m. (women only)
Where: Kapelvej 44