Play volleyball in Nørrebrohallen.


• One ticket 350-500 kr. You can only book three weeks in advance. The price depends on which day and what time of the day you book. 

• Fast track 350-500 kr. A fixed time every week for a long period. Cannot be canceled or refunded. 1 lane for 1 hour.

Attention: In the summer season (April to October) there are limited opening hours. You can only book three weeks in advance.


• Cover Jerseys can be rented at the Information Desk.

• Information accepts cash, credit card, and MobilePay.


• Check the information screen in the hall to see the changing rooms that are open each day.

• To lock clothes bag, etc. inside the locked boxes in the entrance hall. The cabinets will be emptied at closing time every night, and lost items stored at the Information Desk. Using the boxes is at your own risk. Remember 10 kr. for the box.

Practical information

• You are responsible for the up and dismantling of the nets.

• You can only book a course three weeks from now, unless you order a real track time for a longer period.

• You should use indoor shoes with soles that do not rub off.

• Patches are available at the Information Desk.

• Do you have other questions, please feel free to contact information: 3531 0550 / norrebrohallen@kff.kk.dk.