Swing Dance Classes

Get happy feet and swing your hips with Happy Feet Swing Dance.

Swing is a music genre that originates from jazz music, but especially linked to dance. The original swing dance is Lindy Hop - also called Jitterburg - which is said to originate from Harlem in New York. It is a wild dance, which also introduces acrobatic variations, which both parties perform stunts related to the dance. As the music developed in the 50s and 60s were the original swing dance replaced by Jive, Rock'n'Roll and finally modern Jitterburg.

What: Swing Dance
Whom: Men and women of all ages
When: See www.happyfeetstudio.dk/classes
Where: Korsgadehallen, Støberiet and Osramhuset
Registration: www.happyfeetstudio.dk/classes