The Plant Laboratory

Experiments with salads and freshwater fish in an akvaponisk system

We experiment to produce salads and fresh mynthe with fresh water fish in a akvaponisk system. Open every Thursday. 16-18.

The Plant Laboratory is a group of volunteers who have set up a akvaponisk system in Osramhusets conservatory. In the system mirror carp are bred (Danish freshwater fish) and the water from the fish will be cleaned by growing salads and Moroccan mynthe in the system plantbeds. Plant Laboratory regularly organizes workshops and visits by school groups and other interested parties. The objective is sustainable living and food.

Plant Laboratory'd love to have more volunteers. Like people with expertise in the science field, but it is certainly not a requirement. All are very welcome. We are open every Thursday. 16-18.

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Video of Laura, who is a volunteer in Plant Laboratory