Are you thinking about playing floorball? So play with FFK Copenhagen in Korsgadehallen at Nørrebro.

We hope that FFK is the club for you - there is room for everyone, both the ambitious, experienced, and those who just play for fun and exercise.

If you are considering starting, it's always a good idea to talk with the coach first to hear more about the team and trainings. If you are unsure about whom to contact, please send us an email at nyspiller@ffk.dk

Our home is in Bellahøj hall in Brønshøj, but in addition we have training sessions Korsgadehallen and IFI in Nørrebro and the Tingbjerg school.

What: floorball
Whom: Men and women of all ages
When: see http://www.ffk.dk/
Where: Korsgade Hall
Registration: http://www.ffk.dk/